We don’t make films.
We don’t make television shows.

But we do know that those we see on the screen are just a small portion of the many individuals and roles necessary to make the production possible.

The crew prepares the shots for each day. They position the lighting, sound, and cameras. They prepare the on-screen “talent” through hair, makeup, and all those other things we usually ignore in the credits as wait to see if there will be an extra scene at the end.

Likewise, we know that our efforts with Christian Movie Central are severely limited if it were just a few of us. We don’t want to exist because we found one guy who wrote a giant check. (Although, if you want to send us a giant check, we’re listening.)

We want to see a large and growing group, THE CREW, supporting us in prayer and in financial partnership (and in that order!)

Donate to Christian Movie Central – Join THE CREW

Our ministry is based on being a NATIONAL EFFORT with a LOCAL FOCUS for an ETERNAL IMPACT.

We leverage anything we can to make it less work to reach more people!

If we still had only one CMC, we’d still need to create many of the same graphics. Any and all costs involved with the ministry would need to be raised from that one single CMC.

Then, we have five. All the same graphics are needed, but now when the first one is completed, it becomes a template which can be edited slightly to be ready for the other four. This is MUCH quicker than doing each from scratch.

Here’s the best part – supporting five CMCs doesn’t cost five times as much or take five times as much time as the first one, because resources can be shared!

Extend that through 10, then 25, and 50, 75… and now 93 (as of September 12.) Our focus is no longer about trying to reach a couple hundred in Peoria, Illinois – we have passed 21,000 online reach and continue to grow!

Our current goal is to build a team of recurring supporters – THE CREW – at the $25 level* – Monthly as target, but perhaps for some it is quarterly, or semi-annually.
*-Of course any amount greater or smaller is greatly appreciated, but this is our target level based on our year end goal of 25,000 online reach. (We are likely to be closer to 30,000!)

Within one particular CMC it might be 5 partners, perhaps 1, or maybe 10.
We’ll trust God with the numbers of donors, and the amount from each. We will just keep going, doing all we can with the resources God provides.

Each member of THE CREW will receive one of the T-shirts listed above. These shirts will NOT BE SOLD. The only way to get THE CREW CMC shirt is to become a recurring donor.

At $25 / month, you’ll also receive from our inventory a past Christian movie pen, a DVD, and a t-shirt (limited supplies) or movie poster.

At $25/quarter the pen and DVD, and at $25/half-year a pen.

In addition, all levels of The Crew will have access to a private Facebook group, quarterly email ministry updates, and – if there is interest, we will look to set up occasional ZOOM calls.

Ultimately, though, the purpose of joining The Crew isn’t about stuff, but to see Christian films impact more lives. That is why we have been doing this for over 10 years, and why we hope you will consider partnering in that effort!

Donate to Christian Movie Central – Join THE CREW

1. Support your local church first.
2. Meet your personal and family obligations next.
(Every dollar makes a difference matters – but your family’s
needs matter more than ours.)
3. Don’t pull support from other ministries to help us.

So, sign up for our Email lists (General, PRAYER, or Pastors/Leaders), and if you want to be part of seeing more Christian films impacting more lives across the United States.

Every dollar, every penny helps!

Individual or family? Small Groups? Churches? Businesses? Any of these can be part of THE CREW.

(Online – Credit Card or e-check)

THANK YOU. Let’s see Christian movies change some lives… together!

Because He Lives!

Rich Gerberding
CMC National Director

Checks or Money Orders may also be mailed to
“Christian Movie Central”
PO Box 425
Rome IL 61562