Christian Movie Central started in 2010 in Peoria, Illinois. In a movie theater of capacity over 200, about 8 people watched the film “To Save a Life.” My son and I were two of those, and over lunch we then discussed how we could help get the word out about Christian films.

We settled on an approach similar to a men’s ministry model developed by Man in the Mirror in an early version of their No Man Left Behind Model. Create, Capture, & Sustain Momentum.

Each Christian film is an opportunity for us to reach new people with our ministry – with the simple question, “Would you like to know about future Christian films?” The answer is usually yes.

As our audience grows, we can tell more people about Christian films, and at each film we hope to grow further.

At the 2016 National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville, TN, I discussed “Regional Movie Ministries” with many people, with the idea that as people did whatever they felt like doing to promote Christian films, we would promote them, and build a network.

What we learned was that most people loved the idea, but did not take action to do something, so we retooled, scaled the primary focus back to a specific few steps, and defined CHRISTIAN MOVIE CENTRAL.

Each local page will focus on films in their area, and films within roughly 45 minutes or so.

Nationally, and for those who don’t have a nearby CMC (yet), we’ll serve through the following means:

1. National Facebook CMC page: This page will have general movie news, but not specific theaters. It is intended for those who do not have a local CMC page (Yet!)

2. National Email lists: In addition to this webpage (which will be developed over time), email lists will cover Christian Movie Updates, Pastors & Leaders, and our Ministry Prayer List (including Men of AIM and the Hollywood Prayer Network requests).

3. National Facebook CMC Discussion Group: Discussions can take place on the local pages of course, but that audience will be limited. For those who want to share and discuss films more broadly, this group will allow for that back and forth discussion. It will be lightly moderated to avoid attacks and more specific guidelines may come up, but will err to the side of allowing discussion – even if some may not like it.

4. Twitter @ChristMovieCent – To be honest, this is the least used of the various options, but we’re looking to improve on remembering to share occasionally on this platform. (you know what would help us remember? A WHOLE lot more followers!)