Doubled in 2020, & More to Come!

Doubled in 2020, & More to Come!
On August 21, 2020, the online ministries of Christian Movie Central
(FB pages, groups, & email lists) hit an an online reach of 20,000!

Sooo… back in February I talked about a new year and new launch for Christian Movie Central. Anything new happen since?

We had people ask us this spring if we were going to back off and relax as move theaters shut down, along with so many other things. Yes, it was considered, however briefly, but then we quickly looked at it another way – what better time than during a down time to connect with new followers, as they were missing Christian films, and come out of this even stronger than we went in.

Our Facebook ads took off to a whole new level (after a couple chats with the Facebook ad experts – yeah, they know what they are doing), and we started launching new CMCs with a $50 / 10-day ad, and then boosted a few current CMCs with the same.

By the summer, due to budget constraints we’ve had to cut that in half, but still making a strong impact.

We started 2020 with 58 CMCs, and an online reach of 9,753.
Mid-August? 89 CMCs (in 44 states plus DC), and as noted above, we’ve more than doubled by reaching 20,000!

It’s not just adding cities, our average size also jumped from 137 to 208 and currently sits at 199. (Our peak came in early July when we had 70 CMCs… before expanding our number by over 25% in just 6 weeks, with a drop in overall average of less than 5%!)

Doubled in 2020, & More to Come!
TULSA opened on August 21 at many REGAL Theaters. LOVED this film, and hope to see it expand in weeks to come! Biggest drawback was limited marketing funds – which is exactly the problem we try to address with Christian Movie Central!

This weekend, we had our first post-pandemic Christian film release in theaters, with TULSA – and the film team was surprised and excited to hear that a ministry they had never heard of was ready to jump in and promote their film in 50+ cities at no charge to them.

Also exciting, more than 5 months after its open, I STILL BELIEVE (Check tickets here) is back in gear as AMC brought them back to 100+ theaters as part of their reopening. Other drive-ins and theaters also had it playing constantly through the summer, with a couple weekends hitting over 100 total theaters.

We’ll talk more about funding soon. We are tweaking and discussing our recurring partner program, and I promise, it will be less than 5 months before you hear from us again!

Rich Gerberding, CMC National Director

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