Welcome to the 2022 home of Christian Movie Central,
listing films playing in theaters either in full-run (week to week based on attendance) or limited run (one to several days)

Our focus here is for national runs. If a film is showing only in a local or regional basis (perhaps where it was filmed) that information will be limited to the local CMC pages on Facebook (hopefully also an app by end of 2022!).

Once available, the buttons below each film banner will share the detailed review from the organizations MovieGuide, Plugged In, and Dove. We do this because we are a ministry of awareness – we know people can’t support anything they are not aware of, so we want to make people aware, so they can then dig deeper and determine if they are interested.

Full Theater Runs

Reviews to come below as they are posted by the listed organizations.

Bringing Back Christmas – December 2
Father Stu – RE-RELEASE as PG13 on December 9

Short Run Films (Fathom & Similar)


THE CHOSEN – Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2 – Nov 18-30
It’s Christmas Again – November 29
I Heard the Bells (Sight & Sound Films) – December 1-4
Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon – Dec 5-7
5,000 Blankets – December 12, 13

Looking back at 2022 (past films from the year)

1. American Underdog [Buy]
2. Redeeming Love [Buy]
3. Peace River (Fathom)
4. Tyson’s Run [Buy]
5. Man of God (Fathom) [Buy]
6. The Case for Heaven [Buy-Prime Video]
7. The Greatest Inheritance [Buy-Prime Video]
8. The Mulligan (Fathom) [Buy-Prime Video]
9. Father Stu [Buy]
10. The Sound of Violet
11. No Vacancy (Fathom)
12. Family Camp [Buy]
13. Slaves & Kings
15. Pursuit of Freedom
16. Running the Bases
17. Superspreader
18. St Michael: Meet the Angel
19. Mother Teresa: No Greater Love (2 times + 1 in Spanish)
20. Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mt Sinai
21. First Responders
22. Paul’s Promise
23. It’s Happening Right Here (Human Trafficking)
24. PROPHET: The Man Who Paved the Way for Pope John Paul II