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Welcome to the 2023 home of Christian Movie Central,
listing films playing in theaters either in full-run (week to week based on attendance) or limited run (one to several days)

Our focus here is for national runs. If a film is showing only in a local or regional basis (perhaps where it was filmed) that information will be limited to the local CMC pages on Facebook (Our app is planned to Beta launch in 2023!).

Once available, the buttons below each film banner will share the detailed review from the organizations MovieGuide, Plugged In, and Dove. We do this because we are a ministry of awareness – we know people can’t support anything they are not aware of, so we want to make people aware, so they can then dig deeper and determine if they are interested.

Full Theater Runs

Reviews to be added under each film block as time allows and they become available.


THE SHIFT (website)

Kevin Garner encounters a mysterious man known as “The Benefactor”. When Kevin refuses the man’s enticing offer of wealth and power, he is shifted into alternate totalitarian realities, encountering infinite worlds and impossible choices, as he attempts to return to the woman he loves.


The Perfect Christmas (website)
Now Playing

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS is a family Christmas comedy, about Michael Perfect, his wife Denise Perfect, and their two children Devin and Michelle Perfect. The Perfects are an American family who experiences a nostalgic holiday that takes place mostly over the course of Christmas Eve. This feature film explores faith, family, and holiday fun. The Perfect Family must navigate the holiday season through outrageous misadventures, criminal activity, posh friends, and crazy predicaments that threaten their opportunity for the “Perfect Christmas”.


Journey to Bethlehem (website)
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A young woman carrying an unimaginable responsibility. A young man torn between love and honor. A jealous king who will stop at nothing to keep his crown. This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith, and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told—the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus. A unique new entry into the collection of holiday classic movies, this epic Christmas musical is unlike any before it.

Some Recently Released for Home Viewing Films
(Any affiliate proceeds go to ministry. These are simply highlighted films – additional film purchase links are available in “Looking back at 2023” further down.)

Purchase Sound of Freedom DVD (stream)
Purchase The Blind DVD
Purchase THE HILL

Purchase I CAN (currently under $10!)


Journey to Bethlehem (website)

Still playing, but also now available to purchase, or stream. It is also a very unique Christian film in that the soundtrack is worth considering.

Links to purchase from Amazon:
Purchase (DVD/BluRay)
Purchase (Stream-Rent/buy)

Purchase (Soundtrack – CD or streaming)

Coming Up (Full-Run Films):

Dec 8: The Perfect Christmas (starting at Regal)
God’s Not Dead: Rise Up (Date TBD)
Disciples in the Moonlight (Brett Varvel) (Dete TBD)

2024 Ordinary Angels (Kingdom Story) moved to Feb ’24
2024: SIGHT moved out, no reason given

Short Run Films

Limited Nights (most, not all from Fathom Events)

Dec 12-17 Christmas with the Chosen: Holy Night


Looking back at 2023 (past films from the year)
[Amazon affiliate links, with 100% of earnings
from any purchases donated to ministry]

  1. LEFT BEHIND: Rise of the Antichrist [Stream on Amazon]
  2. The Chosen Season 3 finale
  3. Lourdes
  4. The Confession (Musical)
  5. The Thorn
  6. Southern Gospel [Stream on Amazon]
  7. Santiago: The Camino Within
  8. The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli
  9. Jesus Revolution [Stream on Amazon]
    (Jesus Revolution on Netflix as of July 31)
  10. His Only Son [Stream on Amazon]
  11. Come Out In Jesus Name [Stream on Amazon]
  12. Mirando al Cielo
  13. A Father’s Heart
  14. Roll With It: Love. Laugh. Karaoke
  15. Journey to Mt Sinai Part II
  16. The Way
  17. Big George Foreman [Purchase DVD from Amazon]
  18. Nefarious [Stream on Amazon]
  19. The God Man [purchase-direct]
  20. Between Mercy & Me
  21. The Hiding Place (Stage show)
  22. The Essential Church [Purchase]
  23. Never Give Up
  24. Mother Teresa & Me
  25. Sound of Freedom [purchase]
  26. Camp Hideout
  27. The Hill [Purchase]
  28. I Can [Purchase]
  29. The Blind (The Robertson Family) [Purchase]
  30. Shelter in Solitude
  31. What Rhymes with Reason (mental health)
  32. Beyond Utopia (documentary of Christians escaping N Korea)
  33. The Domino Revival
  34. The Great Turkey Town Miracle
  35. Casting Crowns: Home by Sunday
  36. After Death