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Welcome to the 2023 home of Christian Movie Central,
listing films playing in theaters either in full-run (week to week based on attendance) or limited run (one to several days)

Our focus here is for national runs. If a film is showing only in a local or regional basis (perhaps where it was filmed) that information will be limited to the local CMC pages on Facebook (Our app is planned to Beta launch in 2023!).

Once available, the buttons below each film banner will share the detailed review from the organizations MovieGuide, Plugged In, and Dove. We do this because we are a ministry of awareness – we know people can’t support anything they are not aware of, so we want to make people aware, so they can then dig deeper and determine if they are interested.

Full Theater Runs

Reviews to be added under each film block as time allows and they become available.


On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a psychiatric evaluation during which he claims he is a demon, and further claims that before their time is over, the psychiatrist will commit three murders of his own.

You may not know from the poster, but this is NOT a “horror” or what you are likely thinking of from past demon possession film. It is a spiritual thriller – think of it in terms of CS LEWIS The Screwtape Letters, with a psychiatrist having a discussion with the demon. It is a powerful film which will make you think about our culture, and faith, perhaps with fresh eyes.


Big George Foreman

The miraculous story of the once and future Heavyweight Champion of the World is headed to the big screen. Watch the trailer for #BigGeorgeForeman, coming exclusively to movie theaters April 28.

Further Out:

The Blind (Phil & Kay Robertson of Duck Dynasty) – Sept 22
Ordinary Angels – Oct 13 (Kingdom Story)

God’s Not Dead: Rise Up
I Can (made by church in Corydon, IN)
Disciples in the Moonlight (Brett Varvel)
Sound of Freedom (Jim Caviezel, human trafficking)

Short Run Films

(Fathom Events if not otherwise noted)



May 1, 2 A Father’s Heart (in Spanish on May 2)

May 9,11,13 Roll With It: Love. Laugh. Karaoke
(Chonda Pierce)

May 15, 17 Journey to Mount Sinai II

May 16 The Way

Looking back at 2023 (past films from the year)

  1. LEFT BEHIND: Rise of the Antichrist
  2. The Chosen Season 3 finale
  3. Lourdes
  4. The Confession (Musical)
  5. The Thorn
  6. Southern Gospel
  7. Santiago: The Camino Within
  8. The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli
  9. Jesus Revolution
  10. His Only Son
  11. The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocellli
  12. Come Out In Jesus Name
  13. Mirando al Cielo