Check the map below to find your closest Christian Movie Central (CMC).

For 2020 we had 3 goals set in January:
1. Reach 100 CMCs (we were at 58)
2. Be in all 50 States plus DC
3. Have online reach (Social Media + e-newsletters over 25,000).

We hit all 50 states in mid-September, and 100 CMCs in early October. In mid October we crossed 23,000…. so the 3rd goal is in sight!

Use the map below to identify your nearest Christian Movie Central.

Phoenix & Mesa! (February)

If there is not one nearby (yet), and you think there is sufficient interest in your area or region, let’s talk! Email me at

Some areas might not make sense just yet. In that case, we plan on beginning to post weekend movie maps each week, and suggest your following the CMC National Facebook page.