Check the map below to find your closest Christian Movie Central (CMC).

For 2020 we exploded, from 58 to 102 CMCs, from 25 to all 50 states, and from 9,400 to about 25,000 “On-line Reach” (Social media plus email subscriptions).

Since 2021 we have slowed a bit – in part because of the amount of time required when more films come to a lot more CMCs! We have also added a Virtual Assistant to help with the administrative tasks of the weekly theater / movie posts!

But we are – even with “slower” growth – at 117, and anticipating 125 in 2022.

If you are in one of our CMC covered areas and wave an interest in raising the tide to lift all Christian films (including perhaps some that are not your absolute favorite genre or subject), we are praying for Local Leads in each city to help tell others about Christian films.

Use the map below to identify your nearest Christian Movie Central.

#114 Seattle WA
#115 Cincinnati OH
#116 New York City (Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island)
because Brooklyn-Queens already has a CMC
#117 Houston TX
(triggered by The Sound of Violet, opening in limited cities April 29)

If there is not one nearby (yet), and you think there is sufficient interest in your area or region, let’s talk! Email me at

Some areas might not make sense – yet, but if you’re willing to become a member of THE CREW as a recurring financial partner if there is ANY reason to launch we will do it!

Of course we suggest you follow the CMC National Facebook page.