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That’s the phrase used so often about human trafficking – regardless of age or type. A film comes out and audiences watch – often silently, perhaps with a tear or many – as their perception of the world around them changes.

For me personally, that happened at a midnight showing of NOT TODAY in central Florida. For others it was Caged No More, or PRICELESS, both in 2016.

None of those films, however, reached the levels of awareness and discussions that SOUND OF FREEDOM has since it’s release on July 4, 2023, and in the over $50 million box office racked up since!

Why this page? Because too often, those open eyes? Well, they get sleepy. They get busy. They get distracted. It is our prayer that our ministry can do whatever we can to help continue that conversation, the connection to “next steps” and – while we promote all Christian films, since our ministry came out of a regional parachurch men’s ministry… we’ll give an extra little bit of attention!

Trafficking does not happen in a vacuum. We view this topic as the big pictures, and while we may not head overseas in secret ops like Tim Ballard, we can have an impact in our own homes and communities by raising awareness of what to look for – and also fighting trafficking by dealing with pornography and sexual addictions as well.

SOUND OF FREEDOM (Check for theaters here) is playing across the country, surprising nearly everyone with the strong response and reactions. People I’ve never really heard talk about movies – let alone Christian films – are posting on social media telling friends they HAVE to see this film.

But in the end, I pray that you go further. That seeing the film is just the first step. In hopefully a short time, I plan to include some organizations and other ways to stay involved. We’ll also share other tools from our ministry or others, and of course, as future films come out, we’ll be rallying the audience for those films.

Workshops from Men of AIM (host ministry of Christian Movie Central)

These workshops were developed originally with men’s audiences, but have been shared with both, and the need is there across the board. My plan in the coming months is to arrange several in-person presentations, and then – God willing of course – perhaps it is something that could be worked out as an online offering.

Interested? I’m located in Peoria, Illinois, and while I’d like to keep the first couple in this area, if this is something you feel would benefit your church or organization, I’d love to get a broader response as well. Contact me by email –


Ever gone trout fishing? Sturgeon? Both at the same time? NO – because you use different equipment, tactics, and bait depending on what you are seeking. Satan is not dumb – he is a master observer who sees what turns our heads and captures our attention. He may, in fact, know more about us than we do, because – honestly – have you ever even considered it? Once you know your BAIT, you can avoid it.
WHY is our goal to ‘avoid’ the trap instead of ‘escape?’ Because once the trap snaps shut… there is damage to deal with… if it’s not too late!
(HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to include Music for the Soul’s SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER in schedule.)


How long have you struggled? A week? A year? 38 years?
You didn’t just wind up where you are yesterday. It took years – and most of the time you weren’t probably even aware of how each step, each decision built on itself.. until you look around, weighed down by the accumulation of all those “no big deals.”

We’ll get a little inspiration and example from a grumpy Christmas character, and encouragement that we can change directions – but first we have to decide whether we want to.


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