OVER HUNDREDS OF FILMS SINCE 2009, only a handful had any financial benefit to our ministry if you bought a ticket. TWO of those are in the coming months. MINDREADER on November 14 at GQT Willow Knolls 14, and a view-at-home Red Carpet online Premiere on October 8 of A Marriage Made in Heaven.

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Two of these are specific to the Peoria / Heart of Illinois,
while the prayer is ministry and nationwide.

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HELP US HELP FUTURE FILMS: Much of our early growth was personal – me asking a simple question after as many Christian films as I could….

“Would you like to hear about other Christian films coming to the area?”

That’s it. But I can’t be at every, or even most Christian film screenings.


If you are willing, please consider printing out this hand out (2 up, so also cut in half) and asking that same question of people before or after the theater.

IMPORTANT: if they are not interested, don’t force the issue, just thank them for supporting the film you are at.

But if they are, share the handout and encourage them to sign up for the email lists at the top – we must extend beyond the controls of social media moving forward.


For movie reviews (when available) visit our 2022 National Theater page here.



Join us for another Dinner & Movie – with dinner starting around 5 at Peoria Pizza Ranch (on Brandywine, across War Memorial Drive from Northwoods Mall), and then we’ll head to AMC Grand Prairie 18 for the movie at 6:30.

Recommended you buy tickets early if at all possible. Do we expect a sell out? No, but we won’t be disappointed by one either.

The film is great for all ages, with some slapstick physical comedy the kids will enjoy, along with other deeper themes.

I’m friends or acquaintances with several of the actors in this film, and I’d LOVE to share with them a photos of a great crowd showing that their film did indeed ‘Play in Peoria.’


LIFEMARK Playing in Peoria (well, Pekin is close enough!)

AMC Pekin 14 until Wednesday, September 21.

David’s comfortable world is turned upside down when his birthmother unexpectedly reaches out to him, longing to meet the 18-year-old son she’s only held once. With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, David embarks on a journey of discovery that leads to a staggering truth from his past. From executive producers Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers—creators of War Room and Fireproof—comes LIFEMARK, based on an incredible true story that celebrates adoption, reconciliation, and love.


A Marriage Made in Heaven
Online At-Home Red Carpet Premiere

$20 for your home gathering (invite friends)
October 8th

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Faith-Based Romantic Comedy with Dance

Demetri Chicopoulos (Robert Krantz) is living a charmed life. He is the host of his hit, daytime talk show, Daytime with Demetri. However, we soon learn that with a recent divorce and the passing of his mother, Demetri’s life is more pain than charmed. In a prayerful moment, Demetri kneels and asks God if he could just relive one week of his life. He knows things would turn out differently. Demetri rises and suddenly meets… his Guardian Angel (Tom Arnold). Well, not exactly the type of Guardian Angel one hopes for.
The Guardian Angel tells Demetri God heard his prayer… Demetri will get to relive one week of his life.
What happens next will change Demetri’s life forever.


One Night Private Screening of Rich Christiano’s latest.
Hosted by
HOI Christian Movie Central
(not available at theater)
or Email Rich@ChristianMovieCentral.com


The Story
The year is 1974 and The Great Dexter is the closing act in a variety show at The Temple Theatre. His amazing mindreading act fools everyone, including the local magicians’ association. As Dexter’s popularity grows, so does the association’s jealousy as they try to shut his act down and figure out how it’s done.


SUPERSPREADER: The Rise of #LetusWorship
One night only – September 29
Grand Prairie 18

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, an Evangelical Christian singer stands up for religious liberties by holding mass outdoor worship concerts. What happened is nothing short of a rollercoaster story.



Oct 24, 25 AMC Grand Prairie 18

First Responders is an inspirational movie that celebrates the vitality of marriage and the bonds of friendship that carry our film’s firefighters, police, and EMTs through their challenges. It tells the story of Karen Williams, a trauma therapist who has witnessed firsthand the special courage that shapes those who work in emergency services. When her husband, a career firefighter, returns from a life-changing blaze, and she discovers that a degree and years of counseling first responders has done little to personally prepare her to help her husband’s battle with PTSD. Unable to see a path to save her marriage, she turns to God and celebrates the truth that through Him all things are possible. Perhaps no one knows this better than the brave men and women who provide emergency services: the ones we call “first responders.” 


Sight & Sound presents
I Heard the Bells

December 1, 3, 5
I HEARD THE BELLS tells the inspiring true story behind the beloved Christmas carol and its author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Known as America’s Poet, Henry leads an idyllic life – until the day his world is shattered by tragedy. With a nation divided by Civil War and his family torn apart, Henry puts down his pen, silenced by grief. But it’s the sound of Christmas morning that reignites the poet’s lost voice as he discovers the resounding hope of rekindled faith. Experience this debut feature by Sight & Sound Films.