Five years ago, when we started to think about expanding beyond Peoria, the thought was less about doing the same thing as us, and more just networking with others doing something in their area to promote Christian movies, and encourage more people to do the same.

One area might focus on promoting theater films, another hosting dinner & movies, and a third hosting licensed movie nights.

The only real consistency we saw would be that each would be looking to raise awareness of films within their city or region, thus “Regional Movie Ministries.”

We did connect with a number of people doing GREAT things, but were not able to encourage many others to start something.

With a 2016 and 2017 relaunch, we focused on replicating our approach, but don’t want to take away from anything anyone else is doing, so we are keeping this page as a tribute to our friends – current and new – who are doing their thing to help Christian films in their area.

While our focus today is in new Christian Movie Central plants, we would love to hear what others are doing and adding them to this page and map!

We are all in this together, working together for the glory of God!