Theaters and licensed screenings were our focal point from the start of the ministry, for two main reasons.

  1. Theaters / host churches or organizations could serve as a “filter” for film quality.
  2. While the numbers might increase, it would not be the nearly unlimited flood of film options that are available through the many streaming alternatives.

2020 and COVID kind of changed things a bit – with no theaters, what other choices were there?

So, we’re trying to find the balance between the two alternatives. We do not want to overwhelm you with options, so we ask for your grace as we provide links for SOME of the films which are coming out through non-theatrical options, but not all.

Our primary filter will be the presence of cast and crew who have worked on a number of past Christian films or films that I’ve personally seen and can vouch for.

Between these two criteria, the goal is to provide options which in more ‘normal’ times would likely have been seen in theaters, or at least exhibited an overall quality level worth of such a release.

This is not because we are against new filmmakers or low budget films, but this page alone could be a full-time job (with overtime) if every film was listed.

If you are interested in diving into the many, many other films available to view, I encourage you to check out the various streaming options for Christian films. (Coming soon to a new page on Christian Movie Central.)

Clicking the film images below will take you to our affiliate link to Amazon. This is not to guarantee that Amazon is the only or cheapest option out there. 100% of all affiliate earnings will be in support of Christian Movie Central.

Clicking the film’s name in the caption will take you to the movie website.

The Order of Rights has an all-star cast of talent from other Christian films of recent years.

The Order of Rights……. Movieguide……..PluggedIn……..Dove
Small Group had very limited theatrical one-night events in 2019. The film grabbed my heart and I wish I had been successful in bringing it to Peoria.

Small Group:……..Movieguide ………PluggedIn……..Dove
The Wager stars one of the most prolific Christian film actors of recent years, Cameron Arnett. It is a powerful film about the battle for our lives and the decisions we make.
(Note: This is a 2020 release and not the older film of the same name starring Randy Travis.)

The Wager………Movieguide.……..PluggedIn ………Dove