While we will do our best to keep this page updated, our primary focus is on the week-to-week theater updates on the local CMC pages.

The images below will go to the film website for theater listings, trailer, etc (Fathom Event films go to Fathom’s site for direct ticket purchasing).

Reviews, when available, will be listed below each film from several sources.

First, a couple definitions.

FULL RUN: The traditional model of a film opening one weekend, and then based on success getting held over for future weekends based on performance.

LIMITED RUN: National in scope, but by design playing only a limited time. These have mostly from Fathom Events, but we’ll include 1 night events from Gathr or others in this category.

This page will not try to keep up with locally driven or hosted movie nights. Those are the heart and soul of the Local Christian Movie Central pages on Facebook. (Check the Map for your closest CMC!)


TULSA REVIEWS: Movieguide . PluggedIn . Dove
Opened August 21


INFIDEL REVIEWS: Movieguide . PluggedIn . Dove
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REVIEWS: Movieguide (NA) PluggedIn Dove
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REVIEWS: Movieguide PluggedIn (NA) Dove
Opens October 9


Fathom Events – October 13 & 15 & 19
Fathom Events – October 26
Fathom Events – October 27 & 29
Fathom Events – November 19

Looking back at 2020 Theater Films
(Limited run in italics)
[Amazon Affiliate Link]

1. Harriet (Carryover from 2019)
[Harriet on Amazon]
2. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Carryover from 2019)
[View A Beautiful Day… on Amazon]
3. Blind Eyes Opened (Fathom – Jan 23)
[Blind Eyes Opened – on Amazon]
4. The Red Sea Miracle Part 1 (Fathom – Feb 18)
5. Free Burma Rangers (Fathom – Feb 24, 25)

[Free Burma Rangers on Amazon]
6. I Still Believe (Opened March 13, crazy path to October!)
[I Still Believe on Amazon]
. I am Patrick (Mar 17, 18) Stupid Pandemic.
. Jesus – Sight & Sound Theaters (Apr 7, 9, 11)
Stupid Pandemic.
. The Red Sea Miracle Part II (May 5)
Stupid Pandemic.
. Selfie Dad (June)
[Stream or DVD on Amazon]
7. Faustina: Love & Mercy Fathom Events Oct 5
8. Fatima [order Fatima on Amazon]