We don’t make films.
Never have, never wi… well, we have no plans to.
(I’ve learned to be careful about using that word ‘never.’)

We just want to make sure you know about Christian films coming to your area, and other areas across the United States.

We do know that the faces we see on-screen are a small portion of the nearly countless individuals and roles necessary to make a film possible.

The Crew

Every aspect of the production requires careful attention – the food, the microphones, wardrobe, and yes, even whatever a “gaffer” or “grip” does.

Likewise, the success of Christian Movie Central in letting you and others know local opportunities to see Christian films is going to be more successful as more people get on board.

We want to see a large and growing group, THE CREW, supporting us first in prayer and then in recurring financial partnership.

Why recurring? Because it allows us to budget future expenses and projects through anticipated giving. (of course you may change or stop your giving at any time.)

Our ministry works with a LOCAL FOCUS

THE CREW shirt is our special thank you to partners at or above $12 monthly ($36 quarterly,) or $200 in non-recurring gifts in a calendar year).

Our “Target Level” is $25/month, but we realized the last year or so has not been the greatest economically, so the shirt starts with $12.

YES, you still get the pen, too! In addition, all levels of The Crew will have access to a private Facebook group, quarterly email ministry updates, and in time – if there is interest, we will look to set up occasional ZOOM calls, perhaps with occasional guests.

The Crew

Ultimately, though, the purpose of joining The Crew isn’t about getting “stuff,” but to see Christian films impact more lives. This is what we have been doing for over a decade… and why we invite you to join us!

1. Support your local church first.
2. PRAY for Christian Movie Central before and while partnering with us
3. Meet your personal and family obligations next.
4. Don’t pull support from other ministries to help us.

THANK YOU. Let’s see Christian movies change some lives… together!

Because He Lives!

Rich Gerberding
CMC National Director

Checks or Money Orders may also be mailed payable to
Christian Movie Central
PO Box 425 Rome IL 61562