2021 Christian Film Season Launches!

After a 2020 that took a huge break through the middle of the year, it’s nice to see more states and theaters opening up, and this weekend has had more of both than any one all year – including the first two releases!

Two films opened this weekend – ABOUT HOPE, and HEAVEN.

The Rest of 2021

For the new year I’m hoping to do much better keeping up this blog – and looking at a midweek schedule – sharing films in the upcoming weekend, rather than on Sunday night for obvious reasons.

Blog – Audio or Video? Radio spots in new markets? These and more are under consideration. What do you prefer? Let us know by email me at Rich@ChristianMovieCentral.com… or commenting below.

There are a number of Christian films in the works for 2021 and beyond. Some have dates floating around, but we’re hoping to see these stabilize in the coming weeks.

Some feature familiar faces… and one is very familiar – a re-release of a film many consider their favorite, featuring the famous scene of “Snake King describes a trip to Chick-fil-A.”

Also in the works is the return of Fathom Events for 1 or 2 night events, but some theaters are understandably dragging their feet signing up for new Fathom offerings due to state-imposed crowd limitations.

Streaming Content

We are also reviewing how best to handle streaming / online films in an effort to shine a spotlight on these often-lower budget offerings, while not opening the floodgates and overwhelming you the audience with film options.

Pre-Covid, we used the theaters and groups like Fathom to be our “filter” of what to share or not. Please pray for us as we seek to develop a consistent, fair means to balance the various interests.

2021 Christian Film Season Launches!

ABOUT HOPE (Website from Nova Vento)

Thomas McKenzie has been searching for the perfect girl his whole life. When he meets two women who pique his interest he learns that the love we are searching for is not always the true love that makes us whole.

As part of this film release, I want to give a shout out to Nova Vento Entertainment, a new distribution company out of Montana who is working with theaters nationwide and looking to provide a regular offering of Christian films to theaters, rather than an inconsistent, hit or miss haphazard schedule of content for believers.

2021 Christian Film Season Launches!

HEAVEN (film website)

If HEAVEN looks familiar it’s because last fall it had a limited independent run, but in 2021 has the Cinemark chain behind it.

Based on the book HEAVEN; THE ADVENTURE BEGINS by author Alan Duprey and adapted to screenplay by screenwriter Angus Benfield, new faith based film HEAVEN, tells the story of Jonathan Stone, a middle-aged paramedic who struggles to find meaning in the midst of his everyday life, until he wakes up one day in HEAVEN and discovers that his life had more meaning than he could ever have imagined. Set between Heaven and Earth, HEAVEN follows the life and afterlife of Jonathan Stone and the lives of those around him from his past, present and future.

Featured Ministry Support

2021 Christian Film Season Launches!

The heart of our ministry is to share Christian films locally – in our 103 (so far) Christian Movie Centrals, with at least one in all 50 states plus Washington DC.

At the same time, we have this page and our Facebook National CMC page to help those areas we don’t (yet) have a dedicated local CMC.

We do this without charging either our followers or the films/theaters – because we are a ministry, not a business.

Our goal is to build THE CREW – our behind the scenes supporters who make this all possible! Join THE CREW by becoming a recurring partner for as low as $8.33 / month. Three ways to join:

1. Monthly: $10 and up
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Why recurring? Because it allows us to plan and budget into the future.

Our goal? 100 members at a target level of $25 / month. The monthly and quarterly threshold for joining is less than that because we anticipate some will give more, and some want to help but can’t yet afford $25.

Ah yes, affordability. PLEASE – Always support your local church before us. Always support your own and family needs before us. If you’re unsure about your mortgage / rent or utilities or food, do NOT partner with us.

Christian movies, while they can change lives, are movies – and a luxury, not a necessity.

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