New Year, New Launch for Christian Movie Central

Four years ago we thought we new what we were doing… we didn’t.

A year ago we started getting our legs under us, and then early 2020 a much clearer vision landed and we’re heading into 2020 as strong as we ever have.

Clear direction, clear set-up, and clear Facebook strategy, other social media to come. Granted, we’re a bit behind on the website as we launch the new site for Christian Movie Central site, but we’ll get it under control and be ready to go.


LOCAL FOCUS: The heart of this ministry, what makes us unique, is our dedication to provide information to the local filmgoer. Without the local city or region based CMC Facebook pages, we wouldn’t be here. Weekly we will provide film updates, with occasional other postings. We won’t replace the films’ own efforts, but will point you their direction for those films you want all the info you can get.

NATIONAL EFFORT: Common branding, common approach. There may be some differences from city to city based on Local Leads, but for the most part there will be commonality and leveraging of resources.

ETERNAL IMPACT: If we were just here to fill auditoriums, we wouldn’t be here. We promote Christian films because we believe they can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to areas and hearts that other methods might not. While Christian films will never replace the local church or a heart for evangelism, they can soften hearts and prepare for an eventual greater harvest for His Kingdom.

Because He Lives!

Rich Gerberding
CMC National Director

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  1. Peter

    Amen! A much needed ministry

    1. admin

      Thank you – sorry for the crazy long delay in responding – get mostly spam comments and focus has not been on the webpage maintenance. We recently passed the point of doubling our CMC following since the first of the year, and are now up to 82 Christian Movie Centrals in 37 states plus DC.

      Where are you located?

      Rich Gerberding
      CMC National Director

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