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It’s been a crazy year… one that at times feels several years long. As we’ve all been home more than ever before, we’ve also been online more than ever before.

Covenant Eyes
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As parents we’re online more, but so are our kids, and not everything – for us or the kids – is good for us.

Our ministry is raising awareness of Christian films…. but there are millions of hours of videos and movies that are not good for anyone in the family.

Sadly, in order to protect ourselves and our families from these other films, it also takes awareness, and intentionality to do all we can to protect our kids…. our marriages…. and yes, even ourselves.

I have been a customer of Covenant Eyes for many years, and finally, just a couple years ago signed on as an affiliate partner. This is just a fancy word that means you get the same offer (currently 30 days free) at the same cost, but because you “heard about it” from our ministry, they send a donation our way.

So protecting your household helps us promote Christian films across the United States!

Is our goal to support our efforts through recurring monthly partners? Sure it is… but if it ever comes down to supporting our ministry or protecting your family, sign up for Covenant Eyes TODAY!

Rich Gerberding
CMC National Director